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New Driving Penalties For Mobile Phone Use While Driving

As of today, (01/03/2017) new laws have been introduced to refrain drivers from using their mobile phones whilst under the control of a vehicle. 

wessex fleet new laws for mobile use whilst driving

Drivers caught using their mobile phones whilst driving will now face 6 points on their licence and a £200 fine with no option to take a speed awareness course. This being said, for drivers with less than 2 years experience 6 points is enough to see their license being revoked.

This punishment stands as to whether you are making a call, texting, taking a picture/video or any use of the internet and is still valid when you are sat stationary stuck in traffic, however, the use of handsfree is still legal.

The distraction of mobile phones, with the use of social media in everyday life, is very apparent and with this new law maybe drivers will think twice before they check their notification whilst behind the wheel.

Is one notification really worth the possibility of the loss of your licence?

wessex fleet thumbs down

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