Accident Management Wessex Fleet

Accident Management

Accident Management

Accidents happen. It’s how they get resolved that’s important. Wessex Fleet are here to help at every step of the way. Our Accident Management Programme (AMP) includes the following should something happen a fleet car or vehicle.
Through the AMP we can offer you fleet solutions that include:

  • Pro-Active Attitude To Getting The Car Repaired, And Driver Back On The Road
  • Mobile Estimates – Often Within 48 Hours Of Accident Notification
  • Rental / Courtesy Car Provision
  • Dedicated Team To Assist With Repairs
  • We Liaise With Insurance Company On Your Behalf
  • Repair Costs Are Managed By Our Team To Ensure Competitive Pricing
  • National Network Of Accident Repair Centres

Wessex Fleet will work to eliminate the headaches associated with an accident.
Please call Wessex Fleet on 01722 322 888 or via for more information.

  • We have a pro-active attitude to resolving the issues.
  • We get you home.
  • We chase the insurers and the repairers.
  • We get an estimate of work within 48 hours.