Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle Telematics | Wessex Fleet

Through our fleet telematics and vehicle tracking systems we are able to offer cost effective vehicle tracking solutions that will help you monitor your fleet.

All equipment is easy-to-install, and offers effective vehicle and fleet tracking, helping to increase business efficiency, improve customer service and reduce costs.


Fleet tracking is a great solution for monitoring the location, movement and behaviour of your fleet cars and vehicles. These results are achieved through a combination of a GPS receiver and either an electronic GPRS or 3G device in each vehicle. This allows for better fleet management and for you to monitor your fleet, wherever you are from your laptop and smartphone, whenever you need it in real-time. In brief, we are able to offer the following::


  • Automated Alerts And Reports Through Our Fleet Telematics
  • Fleet Vehicle And Driver Behaviour Monitored
  • Fleet Vehicles Can Be Scored To Highlight Best (And Worse!) Practice
  • Efficiency Is Increased, Risk Reduced And Costs Highlighted


Please contact Wessex Fleet on 01722 322 888 or via for more information on how Wessex Fleet use telematics to assist running your fleet.