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Wessex Fleet provides a secure online Driver Licence Checking system that provides corporate clients quick and efficient ways to manage licence checks for all drivers. This relieves our clients of a significant administration burden and reduces the risk of drivers operating vehicles with invalid licences

The system is online, paperless, automated and secure. Our licence checking system links with the live DVLA system, ensuring that you always have the most up to date accurate information. We’ll manage the process on your behalf.

We will send you regular updates showing the current status of licences and any applicable active endorsements. This will be presented through a traffic light report such as the example illustrated below.

Once consent has been given, you are able to request driving licences are checked as often as you wish for a period of up to three years. We are able to offer instant checks for UK drivers, with full reporting and management capabilities.

Please call us 01722 444 682 or click HERE to email for more information. 

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