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Vehicles Duty of Care | Wessex Fleet

Current legislation ensures that running a well maintained, correctly monitored fleet is a legal responsibility. It is no longer acceptable to hand over a company car, or car allowance, and sit back. Wessex Fleet are able to help businesses with various tools to alleviate the burden of micro managing vehicles, and give management complete audit trails that protect your business.

Depending on the structure of your organisation, and the way vehicles are used, Wessex Fleet are able to come up with a complete programme for you. This will ensure that in the event of an incident, you are able to show that your vehicles and employees are operated and managed in a responsible manner.

Any programme can include:

  • Fully Online Vehicle Maintenance Checks / Condition Reports
  • Full Reporting Capability
  • Complete Audit Trail – No Need For Files Full Of “Check Sheets
  • Full Driver Management – Regular / Continual Licence Checks, Online Training And Bespoke Driver Monitoring

This area is a vital part of fleet management. Please contact Wessex Fleet on 01722 322 888 or via info@wessexfleet.co.uk for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.