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Gone are the days that businesses are able to hand over an allowance, and run. Private cars or vans used for your business need to be handled in the same way as a company car or van. There needs to be a structure to how you establish an employee allowance programme, and then how it is run. Our grey fleet management service will assist you with any issues that are related to an employee's use of their privately-owned cars for business.

Employers have the same Duty Of Care towards employees irrespective of whether they driver their own cars on business, or use a company provided vehicle. Our Fleet Management team will work with you and your employees to ensure that drivers and vehicles are compliant

Vehicles need to be fit for purpose, fully serviced, MOT'd, taxed and insured just as if they were fleet cars or vans. Wessex Fleet are able to tailor a package to manage this area for you and your staff. We can offer:

  • Online Grey Fleet Vehicle Management
  • Grey Fleet Audit Trail
  • Grey Fleet Servicing / Maintenance / MOT / Insurance Management
  • Document Capture And Reporting For Grey Fleet Vehicles

Please contact Wessex Fleet via 01722 322 888 or complete the contact request form opposite. One of our team will be in touch immediately to discuss how a Grey Fleet Vehicle Management Programme can help you become compliant.

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