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Whether we have supplied your fleet or not, Wessex Fleet are able to come up with a maintenance programme to ensure your fleet vehicles are adequately maintained.

Without a proper system to ensure maintenance takes place in a timely, professional manner there is a risk that service quality may fall below the standard required, and your fleet could deteriorate.

We can assist with a programme to ensure your fleet is kept in excellent order. This can include:

  • Regular Online Driver Checks
  • A Complete Fleet Audit Trail
  • 24 Hour Driver Assistance For All Maintenance Requirements
  • Immediate Access To The Best Service Providers / Vehicle Repair Centres
  • Full Outsourced Responsibility

Allow Wessex Fleet to establish a full fleet maintenance programme for you. We will eliminate headaches, and ensure your fleet vehicles are kept in excellent condition. Our friendly team will work directly with your fleet drivers to allow you to focus on your core responsibilities.

Please call Wessex Fleet on 01722 322 888 or email via info@wessexfleet.co.uk for more information.