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Wessex Fleet can help provide any vehicle in the UK in a number of different ways.....

Contract Hire and Leasing 

Wessex Fleet are able to provide highly competitive car rental rates with fixed, low monthly rental rates for cars, vans and minibuses. Take advantage of our variable lengths of commitment and bespoke contract hire to suit your requirements.

We are partners with the biggest funders in the UK including Lex Autolease, Arval, Alphabet and Network which allows us to truly check a large section of the market to ensure we can offer you the best price. 

Contract Purchase

Restricted in the amount of VAT your company can reclaim? Vehicle contracts purchase could be the ideal product for you. Benefit from Wessex Fleet's purchasing power and industry experience to ensure your fleet is running as effectively as possible.

As with many of our funding method's you can benefit from our purchasing power and industry experience to make sure you are running your fleet cars and vehicles as effectively as possible. Contract Purchase offers on balance sheet funding while removing the uncertainty of residual value fluctuations.

Finance Lease 

A Finance Lease is similar to traditional methods of funding, whereby a proportion of the vehicle price (including interest and costs) is charged back over an agreed period of time in the form of fixed monthly rentals.

Finance Lease is a method of funding that appears on your balance sheet, where you retain use of the vehicle throughout the period of the contract. We purchase the vehicle and use our buying power to offer you the most competitive rental.

 Employee Benefits

As a nationwide fleet management company that offers fleet solutions to car leasing Wessex Fleet are able to arrange outright purchases or various finance packages for your employees. Wessex Fleets buying power allows us to source new vehicles at heavily reduced outright prices.

Salary Sacrifice

Reduce tax and national insurance with a Salary Sacrifice Scheme. Save time and hassle with employees receiving fully maintained and managed cars with Wessex Fleet managing the setup and management of the scheme at every step of the way.

Hire Purchase

Let Wessex Fleet take control by finding you the best interest rates through our many providers and calculating your monthly payments to give you options in financing your new vehicle.

Long Term Car or Van Hire 

For new start employees, short term contracts, or vehicles that can be returned at any time, Wessex Fleet can assist with a long term rental vehicle. We supply a huge choice of cars, vans and minibuses, all at highly competitive rates.

Outright Purchase

Due to our high volume vehicle purchases, Wessex Fleet are able to secure significant discounts for our customers. Whether you need a car, van or minibus Wessex Fleet can offer a quote for any make, model or brand.


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