Long gone are the days of businesses only needing to worry about the vehicles they own or lease in the business name. Today companies have an element of responsibility for any vehicle that is used for company business.

Private cars and vans that employees use for business purposes need to be managed in the same way as a company vehicle. In order to do this, there needs to be a structured method to establish and run an employee allowance programme.

Wessex Fleet offer a grey fleet management service that will assist you with any issues you encounter with employee’s use of their privately owned vehicle for business. We can help you establish a policy and will then work with you and your employees to ensure that all drivers and vehicles are compliant.

We can offer:

  • Online fleet management
  • Grey fleet audit trail
  • Grey fleet insurance management
  • Document capture and reporting for grey fleet vehicles
  • MOT management
  • Monitoring to ensure all vehicles taxed

For more information on how we can help you manage your grey fleet or to discuss your needs please get in touch on 01722 322 888.

Duty of Care for Private Vehicles

As a business, you will have the same duty of care for your employees regardless of whether they are driving a company car or their own vehicle.

Current legislation means that if you need vehicles for business purposes you must ensure the fleet is well maintained and correctly monitored. This is regardless of whether the vehicle is a company car, funded through a car allowance, or even a privately owned vehicle of an employee.

Wessex Fleet are here to help you ensure the business’ duty of care responsibilities are met, and that all vehicles are fit for purpose, fully serviced, MOT’d, taxed and insured.

Depending on the structure of your organisation and the way vehicles are used we can come up with a bespoke programme for you.

It’s essential that you have a programme in place so that in the event of an incident you are able to show that your employees and the vehicles they drive are operated and managed in a responsible manner.

Our duty of care programmes can include:

  • Full online vehicle maintenance checks and condition reports
  • Full reporting capability
  • A complete audit trail without the need for masses of paperwork
  • Full driver management including regular / continual licence checks, driver training and bespoke driver monitoring


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