As part of the initial fleet management service, the Wessex Fleet experts can help shape a service that will be best suited to your business needs.

We will identify areas of our service that will benefit your fleet the most and tailor a plan accordingly.

Our advisors can determine particular opportunities that can help save you and your company money, whilst also improving performance.

Fleet strategy plans can be put in place and you can rest assured that the advice is coming from the best in the industry, with years of experience from all of our fleet management advisors.

Why Choose Wessex Fleet for Your Fleet Strategy?

  • Our experts have been managing fleets since 2004
  • We have strategic relationships with key fleet partners, such as FMG for any accident management issues
  •  Over 9000+ assets on the road in the UK
  • There are dedicated team hubs and account managers for all customers, providing your business with bespoke strategy advice depending on your needs
  • Overall, we are specialists in everything to do with fleet management and can answer any queries that your business or your drivers may have.
  • Wessex Fleet are also official members of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, with vehicle rental also a great option for some customers

We can also take away all of the boring but necessary jobs, such as managing your fleet administration tasks, where we can provide vehicle maintenance like organising tyre and glass replacements, as well as arranging breakdown assistance, booking vehicle servicing and more.

Another big part of a successful fleet strategy is knowing where all of your fleet’s cars are at all times, which is where our fleet telematics service comes in.

These vehicle tracking systems mean that you can monitor your fleet and know where in the world they all are.

This real-time data can be accessed on any mobile device, with automated alerts and reports, driver behaviour monitoring, vehicle scoring to highlight the best and worst, and vehicle monitoring.

All of this helps increase the efficiency of your business fleet, allowing you to see exactly where the main cost areas are in addition to reducing the risks.

Overall, this fleet management strategy can help identify quick wins for your business, allowing you to save money in the long run.

Contact Wessex Fleet today for all of your fleet strategy needs and get advice from the best in the business either via the button below or by giving us a call on 01722 322 888.


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