The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 requires employers to take appropriate steps to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees. This includes when they are driving to and from work.

It doesn’t matter whether they are driving a hire car, their private vehicle or a company car, you have a responsibility as their employer to take appropriate measures to help them stay healthy and safe.

One way in which you can do this is to assess and train your drivers to ensure they are capable and confident on the roads. A targeted training structure provides you with a fleet-wide solution that satisfies the business’ duty of care requirements.

Wessex Fleet are able to arrange a fully bespoke fleet driver training programme for your drivers and courses can include:

  • A full fleet / process audit
  • Practical assessment
  • Online assessment
  • Bespoke web assessments targeted for the vehicles your business uses
  • Workshop style courses advising best practices
  • Specific fleet driver training in a company vehicle with a trained operative
  • Online driver risk profiling
  • Full reporting at every level

Wessex Fleet can currently offer you driver training from just £15 per driver, which provides your drivers with an initial assessment, follow up modules and a risk score.

We work with a range of training providers around the UK so that we can provide you with the best course for your business and drivers.

Currently, we offer an initial training assessment of drivers, via an online module and assessment which gages their current skill and areas there is room for improvement in. We can then provide each driver with a tailored catalogue of modules based on the results of this assessment that focus on their weaker areas. Once this is complete you will receive a risk score for the individual employee so that you can see if they need addition training.

From there we can then offer additional in class training, which provides a group of employees, usually 15 to 20 people, with a classroom experience that covers one area of concern that you might have seen come up with several employees.

We can also provide you with a one on one driving session for drivers who would like an individual assessment of their skills. One on one training can also be useful for drivers who would like a little more support after they’ve been involved in an accident or been off the roads for a while. These individual driver training sessions are designed to help your individual drivers improve rather than to test their knowledge. Currently, we’re able to offer either full or half day one on one sessions.

To find out more about our £15 driver training and other ways in which we can help your fleet then please get in touch on 01722 322 888.


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