When managing a business fleet, one of the key aspects is making sure you are able to move your vehicles from A to B.

Wessex Fleet can help you thanks to our fleet logistics management expertise, as we keep your fleet as streamlined and slick as possible.

Our fleet telematics service also allows you to keep track of where exactly all your business vehicles are at all times, giving you both peace of mind and the ability to plan your driver’s next move.

These cost-effective vehicle tracking systems provide you with the data that your business needs, straight to your mobile device.

What Is Fleet Logistics Management?

Fleet logistics management is the supervision of the processes related to the movement and organisation of a business’s fleet vehicles and assets.

There are multiple processes involved in the logistics behind a company’s fleet, including fleet management, fleet administration and fleet maintenance.

Logistics also involves managing your drivers, as well as fuel card management plans. By improving the fleet logistics strategy of your business vehicles, you can boost productivity and in turn increase profits.

Organise Your Business Vehicles

With Wessex Fleet’s fleet logistics systems, we can offer you:

  • Automated alerts and reports regarding all vehicles in your fleet
  • Monitoring your vehicle’s whereabouts at all times
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • A scoring system for your fleet, ranking the vehicles from best to worst performing
  • Highlighting cost areas and reducing risk.

By tracking your drivers, you can analyse the data behind each move they make, which in turn can help you increase the efficiency of your fleet to improve your business output.

It’s not just about monitoring the drivers though, as we also ensure that your employees remain safe at all times, combined with making your fleet as streamlined as possible.

Our consultancy realises that every fleet has its own needs and goals, so our fleet strategy services can help map out a bespoke plan for your business vehicles to maximise the most out of your drivers.

We can also provide specific driver training plans to assess and risk profile your drivers, while also advising best practices for real-life situations when out on the roads.

If you are interested in our fleet logistics management services, you can contact our experts using the contact button below or call us on 0172 322 888. We'd be delighted to talk to you about our services and how your business could benefit from them. 


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