Fleet Consultancy

Each client runs a different fleet, with different requirements. Wessex Fleet prefer to sit down with all clients and go through a full fleet audit. Rather than bore you to tears about Wessex Fleet, we will simply ask you questions about your current fleet operation. From here we’ll find out what annoys you about your current operation, and how we can help. We will establish what you need, and address how best to achieve it with our vast range of fleet management solutions.

You can rely on Wessex Fleet to establish a fleet policy that suits your organisation. From there we manage the implementation, maintenance and administration on your behalf.

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Fleet Administration

Fleet administration doesn’t have to be a chore. Wessex Fleet can operate as an extension of your organisation and provide fleet solutions to any vehicle-related enquiries. A wide range of admin services are available with Wessex Fleet. Why not let us do the work for you and take care of the day-to-day fleet administration? We can:

  • Provide All Vehicle Maintenance
  • Arrange Breakdown Assistance
  • Book All Vehicle Servicing – We Can Arrange Pick Up And Return Of Your Vehicle
  • Arranging Overseas / European Travel Packs
  • Provide various Reporting Functions
  • Arrange Mobile Tyre Replacement / Mobile Glass Repair
  • Manage Fuel Cards

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Maintenance Provision and Servicing

Whether we have supplied your fleet or not, Wessex Fleet are able provide a maintenance programme to ensure your fleet vehicles are adequately maintained. We are able to arrange any and all works for your fleet from cars, through to vans, minibuses, refrigerated vehicles, trailers and tail lifts. We have a national network of suppliers who are able to cater for any requirement.

Without a proper system to ensure maintenance takes place in a timely, professional manner there is a risk that service quality may fall below the standard required, and your fleet could deteriorate.

We can assist with a programme to ensure your fleet is kept in excellent order. This can include:

  • Regular Online Driver Checks
  • A Complete Fleet Audit Trail
  • 24 Hour Driver Assistance For All Maintenance Requirements
  • Immediate Access To The Best Service Providers / Vehicle Repair Centres
  • Full Outsourced Responsibility
  • Vehicles Collected From You, Serviced And Returned
  • Quick, Efficient Operation Across UK Network Of Repairers
  • Full Online Booking System
  • Highly Competitive Pricing

Even if we haven’t supplied your vehicles, we are able to arrange repairs and services for you. Our concept is to remove all potential headaches associated with running and managing a fleet of vehicles. We tailor fleet management programmes and driver assistance to suit your requirements.

Many clients simply give us agreed parameters to work with, and we deal with all driver queries.

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Grey Fleet Management

Gone are the days that businesses are able to hand over an allowance, and run. Private cars or vans used for your business need to be handled in the same way as a company car or van. There needs to be a structure to how you establish an employee allowance programme, and then how it is run. Our grey fleet management service will assist you with any issues that are related to an employee's use of their privately-owned vehicle for business.

Employers have the same Duty Of Care towards employees irrespective of whether they drive their own vehicle on business, or use a company provided vehicle. Our Fleet Management team will work with you and your employees to ensure that drivers and vehicles are compliant

Vehicles need to be fit for purpose, fully serviced, MOT'd, taxed and insured just as if they were fleet cars or vans. Wessex Fleet are able to tailor a package to manage this area for you and your staff. We can offer:

  • Online Grey Fleet Vehicle Management
  • Grey Fleet Audit Trail
  • Grey Fleet Insurance Management
  • Document Capture And Reporting For Grey Fleet Vehicles

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Driving Licence Check

Wessex Fleet provides a secure online Driver Licence Checking system that provides corporate clients quick and efficient ways to manage licence checks for all drivers, which is fully GDPR compliant. This relieves our clients of a significant administrative burden and reduces the risk of drivers operating vehicles with invalid licences

The system is online, paperless, automated and secure. Our licence checking system links with the live DVLA system, ensuring that you always have the most up to date accurate information. We’ll manage the process on your behalf.

We will send you regular updates showing the current status of licences and any applicable active endorsements. This will be presented through a traffic light report making it very simple to see problem drivers. 

Once consent has been given, you are able to request driving licences are checked as often as you wish for a period of up to three years. We are able to offer instant checks for UK drivers, with full reporting and management capabilities.

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Duty Of Care

Current legislation ensures that running a well maintained, correctly monitored fleet is a legal responsibility. It is no longer acceptable to hand over a company car, or car allowance, and sit back. Wessex Fleet are able to help businesses with various tools to alleviate the burden of micromanaging vehicles and give management complete audit trails that protect your business.

Depending on the structure of your organisation, and the way vehicles are used, Wessex Fleet are able to come up with a complete programme for you. This will ensure that in the event of an incident, you are able to show that your vehicles and employees are operated and managed in a responsible manner.

Any programme can include:

  • Fully Online Vehicle Maintenance Checks / Condition Reports
  • Full Reporting Capability
  • Complete Audit Trail – No Need For Files Full Of “Check Sheets
  • Full Driver Management – Regular / Continual Licence Checks, Online Training And Bespoke Driver Monitoring

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Fuel Card Management

With today’s cost of running a vehicle, monitoring fuel spend has never been so important. Fuel is a fundamental part of “Whole Life Costs” of running a fleet. Wessex Fleet can supply and analyse MPG figures for each car or van that you run. Working with fuel card providers, we are able to analyse your spend, and work on areas where costs can be reduced. Wessex Fleet are able to offer:

  • Multi Supply Approach – There Are Plenty Of Fuel Cards Out There!
  • Assistance In Choosing The Best Card Provider For You
  • Improved Reporting
  • Centralised Billing
  • Online account information.

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Tyres and Glass

As your fleet management provider we are able to provide tyres and glass to your fleet cars and vehicles. This service includes:

  • Arranging National Mobile Tyre And Glass Fitting For You
  • Quick And Efficient Service Through National Providers
  •  Replacement of Damaged Or Punctured Tyres
  • Chipped Windscreens Repaired By Call Out Service

Wessex Fleet have accounts in place with most national tyre and glass providers to ensure our fleet customers receive quick and efficient service 

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Breakdown & Accident Assistance

As your fleet management provider, we are able to provide vehicle breakdown assistance to your fleet cars and vehicles. This includes:

  • All Vehicles Covered
  • 24 Hour, 365 Day Call Out
  • One Dedicated Number For All Drivers
  • Fast, Efficient Service
  • Onward Travel Arranged Where Required

Accidents happen. It’s how they get resolved that’s important. Wessex Fleet are here to help at every step of the way. Our Accident Management Programme (AMP) includes the following should something happen to a fleet vehicle.

  • Pro-Active Attitude To Getting The Car Repaired, And Driver Back On The Road
  • Mobile Estimates – Often Within 48 Hours Of Accident Notification
  • Rental / Courtesy Car Provision
  • Dedicated Team To Assist With Repairs
  • We Liaise With Insurance Company On Your Behalf
  • Repair Costs Are Managed By Our Team To Ensure Competitive Pricing
  • National Network Of Accident Repair Centres

Wessex Fleet will work to eliminate the headaches associated with an accident.

  • We have a pro-active attitude to resolving the issues.
  • We get you home.
  • We chase the insurers and the repairers.
  • We get an estimate of work within 48 hours.
  • We manage Third Party involvement to reduce potential high rental charges & potential Uninsured Loss Recovery

Wessex Fleet have fleet service accounts in place with various breakdown providers to ensure that in the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown, that it is resolved quickly and efficiently. 

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Through our fleet telematics and vehicle tracking systems we are able to offer cost-effective vehicle tracking solutions that will help you monitor your fleet.

All equipment is easy-to-install, and offers effective vehicle and fleet tracking, helping to increase business efficiency, improve customer service and reduce costs.

Fleet tracking is a great solution for monitoring the location, movement and behaviour of your fleet vehicles. These results are achieved through a combination of a GPS receiver and either an electronic GPRS or 3G device in each vehicle. This allows for better fleet management and for you to monitor your fleet, wherever you are from your laptop or smartphone, whenever you need it in real-time. In brief, we are able to offer the following::

  • Automated Alerts And Reports Through Our Fleet Telematics
  • Fleet Vehicle And Driver Behaviour Monitored
  • Fleet Vehicles Can Be Scored To Highlight Best (And Worst!) Practice
  • Efficiency Is Increased, Risk Reduced And Costs Highlighted


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Driver Training

The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 requires employers to take appropriate steps to safeguard the health and safety of their employees. This includes the time when they are driving at work. This could be in a hire car, their own personal car, or a company vehicle.

Wessex Fleet are able to arrange a fully bespoke fleet driver training programme for you. A targeted training structure provides fleet solutions to satisfy your duty of care provisions and ensures corporate responsibility. 

Customers have seen significant savings as a direct result of fleet driver training. Courses can be established as follows:

  • Full Fleet / Process Audit
  • Practical Or Online Assessment
  • Online Driver Risk Profiling 
  • Bespoke Web Assessments Targeted At The Vehicles You Use
  • Full Reporting At Every Level
  • “Workshop” Style Courses – Advising Best Practice
  • Specific Fleet Driver Training In A Company Vehicle With Trained Operative

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  • "Wessex Fleet offered us a highly professional service that has helped us to ensure vehicles are maintained, safe and legally compliant. They offer you a personal touch, they don't just treat us as just another customer and they deal with issues quickly and professionally."

    K.Walding, University of Surrey

  • "Wessex fleet has always offered us a competitive and professional service, straight forward people with a no-nonsense approach that makes the whole process smooth and easy, always prepared to deal with any issues and offers true support when it's needed. 100% recommended!"

    Simon, Taylor Davis


Our fleet management team will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding our services and how we can help you.