What Is Electric Car Salary Sacrifice?

EV Salary Sacrifice is a scheme brought to you by the experts at Wessex Fleet that allows the staff of a business to drive away a brand new electric vehicle at an affordable rate.

Simply put, employees swap a portion of their salary for an electric car. This portion is sacrificed before tax and National Insurance is deducted, which results in significant monthly savings for the employee, whilst the employer saves on Class 1 National Insurance contributions. Typically, the savings an employee can make are between 30% and 40% when compared to a personal car lease.


How Does EV Salary Sacrifice Work?

1. Your business agrees to join the Salary Sacrifice scheme
2. Terms & scheme eligibility are agreed with the employee
3. Employee selects their desired electric vehicle and term
4. Order is signed and vehicle ordered via dealer network
5. Wessex Fleet delivery and payments to the funder begin
6. Your business ensures correct deductions through payroll


What Are The Benefits Of An EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme?

The exact benefits of the scheme will depend on whether you are an employer or an employee, follow the below links for more information:

Why Choose Wessex Fleet For Your EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme?

Dedicated scheme support from a dedicated account manager that knows your business and the Salary Sacrifice process.
Competitive tender model. We take advantage of a panel of lease funders.
Bespoke vehicle discounts. We work closely with manufactuers to get the very best discounts.
White labelled website for your Salary Sacrifice Scheme.

Wessex Fleet’s Salary Sacrifice Infinity Leasing Portal

We’ve designed a bespoke Salary Sacrifice portal that makes it as easy as possible for both businesses and their staff to use. It’s white-labelled for you to choose from all the latest electric car models, with taxation rates included on each.

  • Simply enter some personal information such as Basic Gross Wage, Postcode and the Number of Drivers.
  • Wessex Fleet will then help you find your perfect Salary Sacrifice car.
  • You can also filter by Make, Model and Trim to narrow down your search even further.
  • Then, build your Salary Sacrifice lease plan by selecting your designed contract length and annual mileage, after which you can click Enquire and a member of the Wessex Fleet team will contact you to discuss things further. It’s that simple!

EV Salary Sacrifice Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Wessex Fleet EV Salary Sacrifice scheme?

Vehicles sourced via the Wessex Fleet Salary Sacrifice scheme will include all of the following:

  • A fully electric vehicle leased on a term between two and four years
  • Fully comprehensive insurance including business use
  • Accident management
  • Full maintenance package including all servicing, tyres, MOTs
  • Breakdown cover
  • Early Termination Protection in case of unforeseen circumstances
  • A dedicated account contact

How does insurance work on a Salary Sacrifice deal?

As part of the arrangement, insurance is included in the salary sacrifice deal. We have partnered with Lloyd Latchford, the UK’s leading salary sacrifice insurance provider. The policy will be in the name of the employer but can be tailored to drivers’ individual circumstances.

How does servicing and maintenance work on a salary sacrifice vehicle?

Your vehicle will be covered for all routine servicing and maintenance including in the event of a breakdown and recovery. You will also be covered for tyre replacement through wear and accidental punctures. You will not be covered for damaged tyres caused by negligence. All you need to do is call our 24hr dedicated driver number on 0800 9177402 if your vehicle is sourced by Wessex Fleet.

Will Salary Sacrifice cars still have a warranty?

Yes – any lease vehicle provided by Wessex Fleet is brand new and so will have a full standard manufacturer guarantee exactly as if you had purchased the car yourself brand new.

Will Salary Sacrifice affect my tax return?

By joining the Salary Sacrifice scheme, you are agreeing to reduce your wage in exchange for your new electric car. Since your earnings are what you pay tax on, your tax would change as your income has changed, therefore this needs to be taken into account on tax returns. If you’re in doubt about this, it’s best to contact HMRC for full clarity.

How do I sign up to the Salary Sacrifice scheme?

It’s really simple, just contact our expert team using the Salary Sacrifice enquiry form below and we will talk you through your options. You’ll then be able to sign up via our Infinity Leasing portal, where you can choose the perfect electric car for you.

Is Electric Car Salary Sacrifice worth it?

Salary Sacrifice is definitely worth it, particularly for electric cars due to the reduced Benefit in Kind (BiK) rates. Plus, since your earnings are effectively reduced in the eyes of HMRC, you’ll be paying less Income Tax and National Insurance. These factors mean a Salary Sacrifice scheme is cheaper overall than a standard personal lease.

Does EV Salary Sacrifice include hybrid cars?

No, the Wessex Fleet Salary Sacrifice scheme only includes fully electric cars, so that businesses and individuals can benefit from the maximum savings. Since hybrids do emit CO2, they have higher Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax rates, and therefore the monetary savings would be reduced.

Which electric cars are available via Salary Sacrifice?

As part of the Wessex Fleet Salary Sacrifice scheme, you can choose from all of the best electric cars on the market, from top manufacturers such as Tesla, Audi, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen and many more. Our easy to use EV portal also makes choosing the perfect model and trim extremely easy.


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