Wessex Fleet provides corporate clients with a secure and GDPR compliant online driver licence checking system giving you quick and efficient way to manage all licence checks for fleet drivers.

Our system is online so it’s paperless, automated and secure which reduces the significant administrative burden and the risk of drivers operating vehicles with invalid licences.

If you decide you would like to use our driving licence checking services then we can check any of your employees, once they have provided consent, and add new drivers to this list as they join the company.

You will receive regular updates that show the current status of your drivers’ licences and any applicable active endorsements on them. To make this easy for you to review at a glance we provide a traffic light report, so you can see any drivers that you need to be concerned about.

Once a driver provides consent you are able to request driving licences are checked as often as you would like for a period of up to three years, and we are able to offer instant checks for UK drivers.


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