When running a business, it’s important to support your fleet drivers in any way that you can. If you leave your drivers to operate without the necessary support then they can run into issues, as well as costing more money per mile. 

Wessex Fleet can help you mould your fleet strategy, to ensure that each and every driver in your business fleet is supported in the right way, to keep them on top of their game all year round. 

Our experts have decades of experience in the fleet management industry and will create a bespoke plan to best suit your company’s goals while your drivers are out on the roads. 

What Wessex Fleet Can Offer Your Drivers

re that your drivers have the necessary skills and information to perform at their best on a day-to-day basis, Wessex Fleet can arrange a fully bespoke fleet driver training programme for all of your drivers, with courses including:

  • A full fleet / process audit
  • Practical assessment
  • Online assessment
  • Bespoke web assessments targeted for the vehicles your business uses
  • Workshop style courses advising best practices
  • Specific fleet driver training in a company vehicle with a trained operative
  • Online driver risk profiling
  • Full reporting at every level

These driver training courses are available from just £15 per driver, giving them an initial assessment as well as follow up modules and a risk score. 

We also work with the leading training providers from across the UK, making sure we offer the best possible training course for you and your drivers.

Depending on the results of their initial assessment, we will tailor their training to include relevant modules in specific areas that they may currently be lacking, so that they can focus on the skills they really need. 

As well as one on one driver training sessions, we can also offer group training for multiple employees to provide a range of drivers that require the same skills with a bespoke training experience.

Why Is Fleet Driver Support Important?

Providing your drivers with all the support they need is crucial in the running of a successful business fleet, with the benefits including:

  • Your drivers gain crucial skills that they were previously missing
  • Make your fleet more cost-effective 
  • Reduce driver mistakes and errors
  • Provide a structure for your fleet that can adapt to any scenario
  • Offer each driver the support and insight they need to perform at 100%
  • Benefit from a much happier workforce that feel valued in their roles

If you have any questions regarding the fleet driver support that Wessex Fleet can offer, be sure to contact our expert customer services team at customerservices@wessexfleet.co.uk or 01722 322 888 that will be happy to help. 


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