• June 21, 2019

  • Will Bullen

  • Wessex Fleet Updates

The 20th Annual South Wiltshire Business Of The Year Awards (SWBOYA) was held in Salisbury’s City Hall on the night of the 20th June 2019. The ceremony was attended by businesses from across Salisbury and South Wiltshire and a performance from singer, James Morrison. There are many categories involved in the awards, which celebrate businesses that are small, large, new and well established.

The night rolled on and we saw our local business friends win deserved awards in a multitude of different categories. Finally, the awards culminated to the Business Of The Year Award and the winners were announced: Wessex Fleet.

We have won the Business of the Year Award 2019.

At last year’s ceremony we were honoured to have received the Marketing Excellence Award, following a year of a major developments in our marketing strategies and customer facing website. This was a feat that we were immensely proud of, not only as a Marketing team, but as a business collectively.

The progression and development that we have experienced as a business over the past 12 months has been extraordinary and we are so proud that this growth has demonstrated itself externally.

Simon Naylor, one of the three Company Directors, explained to Spire FM, “We were lucky enough last year to win the Marketing Excellence Award and then tonight was fantastic.”

When asked what kept the business returning to the SWBOYA, Simon responded, “I really have enjoyed the networking opportunities that this gives, to be honest. There aren’t many events, such as this, that offer recognition amongst your peers.”

Simon finished off his interview with Spire FM, the event’s sponsors, by stating that the nurturing, development and retention of good staff has been key to Wessex Fleet’s success over the past 15 years. This is something that didn’t happen by accident and the three Directors had in mind since day one. “If you get the right people, then the customer retention sorts itself out.” Simon mentioned, “we’re very lucky to have a really good team… that our customers enjoy dealing with. We focus on having a great atmosphere and it’s by design, not luck.”

Now, excuse us while we continue providing award winning service. Pass the bubbles.