• June 25, 2020

  • Simon Naylor

  • Fleet News

If your fleet is to be managed effectively, you’ll need expert help.

Fleet costs continue to be one of the top areas of expenditure for any business. In fact, fleet and payroll are the two biggest costs to many companies so it’s remarkable how few seek any expert assistance or help.

Businesses would never hire or manage employees without specialist HR support, so why is it acceptable to run a fleet with little more than a comparison lease quote?

Fleet Management for many companies is seen as a bolt on job, an afterthought and even an annoyance. Fleet gets kicked around internally between accounts teams, purchasing, HR, facilities or anyone else who can be “persuaded” to help. But such a fractured strategy can often lead to hidden costs, failure to follow industry best practices, and muddled company policy. Often begrudging internal management leads to lack of clarity and direction which leads to costs spiralling, and fleet becomes a real headache for everyone involved.

An industry expert will be able to offer you advice and support as well as provide suggestions and ideas to ensure your fleet policy is consistent and effective. Another benefit to outsourcing fleet management is that businesses can take advantage of a clear structure they put in place.

Fleet policy can be reviewed according to your long-term plans for both the fleet, and business as a whole. Do you want to incorporate electric vehicles? Lease or buy? Offer cash allowances? Reduce cost or CO2 emissions? Are you concerned about employer duty of care? Is your fleet safe? All of these motivations and more can be incorporated into a refreshed fleet policy, that gives your business a clear, consistent road for the years ahead.

Fleet Management companies can also offer help with managing your drivers, vehicles and policies. They provide comparison costs on purchase or lease vehicles through multiple providers. They will agree commercial terms with you, so you can be reassured that the advice is independent.

By freeing up internal time and allowing your teams to do what they do best, you get the best of both worlds - the right fleet decisions, and your people doing what they are paid to do.

A fleet professional will assist your business with plans and support for years to come, rather than just looking at one vehicle at a time.

With the disruption out there in the economy today, there has never been a better time to request expert help.