• April 16, 2024

  • Debbie Lamb

  • Wessex Fleet Updates

We recently felt compelled to help a local childcare charity after a horrific case of vandalism was featured on the BBC News. It was reported that the staff at Sunflowers at Grafton in Wiltshire had been informed early that morning that their minibus had been stolen and set on fire – for the second time in 7 months!

It seemed unbelievable that Sunflowers’ new vehicle had been destroyed just months after it had replaced a minibus that was also destryoed in a similar act of vandalism! This community-based non-profit organisation provides nursery childcare and school wraparound care. Their minibus is essential for taking children to and from the local village primary school.

Wessex Fleet Rental Minibus Keeps Services on the Road

After watching the BBC News bulletin, our Director Tim McNally was appalled and thought we could help. Our Director Simon Naylor contacted Sunflowers the next day and offered them a rental minibus free of charge immediately, while they organise a permanent replacement.

We supplied them with a black Ford Torneo 9-seater minibus. Apparently, the children love the tinted windows which are so much cooler than a boring white minibus! We have been happy to be able to help.

Sunflowers are now raising money to get the vehicles they need back on the road and improve security on their Gofundme page.

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