Contract Hire and Leasing

Wessex Fleet are able to provide highly competitive fixed, low monthly rental rates for cars, vans and minibuses. Take advantage of our variable lengths of commitment and bespoke contract hire to suit your requirements.

Contract Hire couldn't be simpler, as illustrated above, once you pay an initial rental you'll pay fixed monthly rentals for the remaining period of your agreed contract. At the end of the agreement, we will agree to get the vehicle collected and arrange your new vehicle delivery on the same day if you decide to renew.


  • Flexible contract lengths ranging from 24 to 60 months 
  • Low and fixed monthly payments 
  • Drive a brand new vehicle every few years 
  • No vehicle depreciation headaches

Additional Information 

Unlike Contract Purchase, there isn't an option to purchase at the end of a Contract Hire agreement. 
Excess mileage and return conditions will apply. Excess miles will be highlighted to you in your agreement.    

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Wessex Flexi Funding

Wessex Fleet can offer a fully bespoke funding package to corporate customers. Looking at the market and several vehicle data sources, we are able to offer customers vehicles funded by Wessex Fleet on a lease contract tailored to their specific needs.  

Working very similar to long term hire, we supply a business only lease with contract terms starting from as little as 28 days and lasting as long 48 months.

In some cases, we can offer this with no termination fees for vehicles that need to come back early. This is tailored to help companies grow while limiting their long-term risk on finance products.

Finance Lease

A Finance Lease is similar to traditional methods of funding, whereby a proportion of the vehicle price (including interest and costs) is charged back over an agreed period of time in the form of fixed monthly rentals.

Finance Lease is a method of funding that appears on your balance sheet, where you retain use of the vehicle throughout the period of the contract. We purchase the vehicle and use our buying power to offer you the most competitive rental.

Contract Purchase

Building strong relationships with dealerships and manufacturers combine with our industry experience allows us to source the most competitive price on a new vehicle. With Contract Purchase, you pay a deposit and fixed monthly amount based on the vehicle's value and at the end of the contract, you get the opportunity to purchase the vehicle for a pre-agreed balloon payment or return the vehicle.  


  • An efficient form of funding for VAT-restricted organisations and businesses running commercial vehicles
  • The option of a pre-agreed balloon payment at the end of the contract
  • Low and fixed monthly payment options 
  • Flexible contract lengths ranging from 24 to 60 months. 

Additional Information 
Both excess mileage charges and return conditions apply if the vehicle option to purchase isn't taken up. 
You can include a maintenance package on a vehicle on Contract Purchase. 

Employee Benefits

As a nationwide fleet management company that offers a variety of fleet solutions, Wessex Fleet are able to arrange outright purchases or various finance packages for your employees. Wessex Fleets buying power allows us to source new vehicles at heavily reduced prices.

Long Term Car or Van Hire

For new start employees, short term contracts, or vehicles that can be returned at any time, Wessex Fleet can assist with a long term rental solution.

Using our online booking tool, you can send our rental team your request and they will go to our supply network and find you the best vehicle.

We supply a huge choice of cars, vans and minibuses, all at highly competitive rates and by using our buying power we can pass rental savings to you.

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Outright Purchase

Due to our high volume vehicle purchases, Wessex Fleet are able to secure significant discounts for our customers. Whether you need a car, van or minibus Wessex Fleet can offer a quote for any make, model or specification.

All supplied by our official franchised dealer network, you can rest assured we will aim to get you the best price while being supplied from reliable sources. 


  • "Wessex Fleet deal with everything and everyone for us allowing us to get on with our work while they look after everything else. What makes them unique is the people. All their staff are great to deal with, down to earth and reliable. They make everything happen when they say they will and always give service with a smile."  

    Laura, BaxterStorey

  • "Wessex fleet has always offered us a competitive and professional service, straight forward people with a no-nonsense approach that makes the whole process smooth and easy, always prepared to deal with any issues and offers true support when it's needed. 100% recommended!"

    Simon, Taylor Davis


Our fleet management team will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding our services and how we can help you.