• February 20, 2020

  • Abby Nuttall

  • Articles

On the 6th of February, the BVRLA held the first of this year’s Technical and Operational Management (TOM) Forums.

Over 50 members of the association were present at the forum which was looked at a few key areas of technology in the industry.

Held in the Institute of the Motor Industry in Hertford the members heard from speakers representing Thatcham Research, Kwikfit, Suretrak and Allianz on how the increasingly electrified market was affecting them.

There was also an update from some of the BVRLA’s senior policy advisors on the recent updates and changes. This included the policies on Clean Air Zones, air quality, and changes to taxation.

Topics discussed included a talk from Thatcham Research representatives on safety and repair trends and how technology has influenced these trends. They also look at current technology like automated driving features and the impact of these on road safety.  

The Spokesperson from Kwikfit explored how the tyre market is changing because of the increase in electric vehicles, and how it needs to continue to evolve in the future to accommodate them.

Electric vehicles themselves are relatively new and so the market for their tyres is not yet fully developed, with very little choice for the customers.

Hybrids and electric vehicles have different needs from their tyres, including a lower rolling resistance and taking higher torque at lower speeds.

SureTrak’s presentation focused on the use of green parts in vehicle repairs and the benefits and challenges they present from a supplier’s point of view.

Green parts are recycled genuine parts that have been taken from vehicles that are no longer on the road.

Allianz also explored the use of green parts in repairs but looked at it from an insurer’s perspective.

Towards the end of the day attendees also heard from the BVRLA on some of the latest updates on their long-term objectives for air quality, future mobility and taxation.

These include national consistence on air quality programmes, and a fair and well sign posted tax regime.

For more information on these objectives and the forum in general you can take a look at the presentation slides provided by the BVRLA here.

The next TOM forum is due to be held on the 4th of June.