• July 30, 2021

  • Abby Nuttall

  • Electric and Hybrid News

We’ve written a lot over the past year or so about the implementation of low emission zones, zero emission zones and clean air zones in cities across the UK, from large metropolitan cities like Birmingham through to more historic cities like Oxford.

During the pandemic several cities delayed plans to introduce an emission controlling zone in their city centres due to the drop in traffic causing a reduction in pollutants at the time.

With the country reopening and city centres seeing an increase in traffic again, we are seeing some local authorities putting revised plans and timescales in place to proceed with their introduction of emission zones or clean air zones. However, Oxfordshire County Council has announced plans to introduce the zero emission zone pilot in the city centre have been postponed.

The zone was originally due to be introduced next month but has now been delayed until later in the year but no new launch date has been announced yet. Oxford County Council did advise that they will confirm the new date at least six weeks prior to launch.

Once the pilot scheme is introduced those driving a vehicle that isn’t zero emitting within the boundaries of the zone will need to pay to do so. Payment will be able to be made in advance, on the day or up to six days after entering the zone.

The amount that drivers will need to pay varies depending on the emission levels of the vehicle, but they will be able to check this as well as make a payment on an online facility via the Oxfordshire County Council website. Please note payment will not be via the central government’s payment portal facility.

The council have also advised that there will be a 90% discount from the charges for vehicles owned by and operating from businesses within the area. There will be a limit of ten vehicles per business and that they must be used within the zone and not just for commuting purposes. This discount is due to end in 2025.