• January 19, 2022

  • Abby Nuttall

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This week saw an increase in the fine amount that Transport for London (TfL) can issue to drivers who fail to follow the rules on roads they manage.

The rise, which came into play on Monday the 17th of January, follows months of consultation and then advance notice for drivers. Last summer, over August and September, Transport for London (TfL) held public consultations on their plans to increase the level of fines they issued.

The Mayor of London then reviewed the public consultation results and approved the fine level increase which is now in play.

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) is the official name for the fines issued and can be issued for a range of driving offences including driving in a bus lane, making a banned turn or parking illegally on the red route.

The amount that drivers will be fined if they break the rules has increased from £130 to £160 to bring it in line with inflation. Drivers will still be able to reduce the amount payable to 50% if they pay within 14 days. However, if they are late in paying which is 28 days or more from the date of issue the amount will increase by 50%.

This is the first increase to PCNs on TfL’s road network (TLRN) in over ten years since 2011 when they were last increased.

PCNs are issued to help reduce the risk of drivers engaging in dangerous behaviour, such as parking in bus lanes, where your vehicle poses a hazard to other road users. They’re also designed to keep traffic moving, without having to weave around parked vehicles, on London’s busiest roads.

You can see the consultation report or a map of the TLRN if you want to find out more about the offences you can be fined for and the areas that the increase will affect.