• June 8, 2022

  • Abby Nuttall

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We know that with the rising cost of fuel many companies and their drivers are looking for ways that they can improve their fuel economy and reduce the amount they need to pay at the pump.

To help reduce your company’s costs we’ve spoken to our expert fleet management and maintenance teams to get their five best tips on reducing your monthly fuel bill. Whether you’ve got a fleet of pool vehicles or are paying for your employees’ fuel as one of their benefits we know you’ll find these useful!

Wessex Fleet’s Top Five Tips to Reduce Your Business’ Fuel Bill

1. Invest in Fuel Cards

If your company does not already use fuel cards, then you should consider investing in them.

Fuel cards can offer your company cheaper fuel rates at the pump depending on which type of card you choose. If you chose a fixed rate card provider then the cost for you will remain the same for the entire week, even if the price at the pump increases.

Additionally, you might be able to use bunker sites where the fuel is sold at cheaper rates.

2. Track Fuel Spending

Another way you can help to reduce the overall spend is by tracking the cost, this lets you know which drivers and vehicles use the most fuel and looking into why this is. You can then look to improve the situation, for example a driver who does a lot of travel might be in a car with a smaller and less economical petrol engine and could benefit from being put into a diesel or hybrid vehicle.

3. Provide Drivers with Additional Training

Another way you could reduce the fuel bill is to provide your drivers with additional training that focuses on economical driving to improve their fuel efficiency. This means they will not need to fill up quite as regularly, saving you money.

4. Encourage Car Pooling

Another habit you might want to encourage is for drivers to car pool or share trips. If your drivers are travelling to the same event or into the office from the same location, it might be worth sharing the journey to reduce the fuel bill. 

One way to encourage the uptake of this is to offer incentives to drivers who share trips or use alternative transport and rely on pool cars for longer journeys. 

5. Keep on Top of Maintenance

One thing that can significantly affect the fuel economy of a vehicle is if it is not properly maintained. Keeping up with servicing and regular maintenance such as checking the tyres are correctly inflated will put your car in the best possible condition and make sure that it is not wasting more fuel than necessary.


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