• July 11, 2022

  • Abby Nuttall

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Here at Wessex Fleet we’ve helped thousands of drivers find their next company car and to help you choose the best option for your next company car we’ve rounded up our top 10 picks for 2022. This includes a range of electric, hybrid and combustion engine options but we have leant more towards the electric picks as you’ll pay lower company car tax on them.  

The 10 Best Company Cars

1. Volkswagen ID.3


In the top spot we’ve opted for a fully electric hatchback with the Volkswagen ID.3. It’s a fantastic electric hatchback that we know you’ll love!

We all know that purely electric vehicles (EVs) have the lowest Benefit in Kind (BIK) rates because of their zero emissions and that’s one of the reasons that we’ve picked an EV for the number one spot. With a current BIK rate of 2% for the tax year 2022/23 you’ll pay as little as £61 in company car tax on this car depending on your tax bracket.

It’s a spacious hatchback with plenty of storage room as well which makes it a great choice for a number of different drivers. If you’re using it for the main family vehicle then there’s spacious rear passenger seats for the children, if you’re frequently on the road then the comfortable and supportive seats will help reduce the impact on your body, and if you regularly need to carry equipment as part of your role then the 385 to 1,267 litre with rear seats folded down cargo space is more then adequate.  If you’re comparing it to Volkswagen’s best-selling hatch the Golf then you’ll be surprised to know that the wheelbase is 13cm longer, despite the slightly shorter length overall, which means there’s extra leg room for front and rear passengers.

The smallest 45 kWh battery offers a driving range of around 205 miles while the largest 77 kWh battery offers up to 341 miles between charge. This puts it in the same range bracket as some of the entry level Teslas.

2. BMW 330e


In second place we’ve chosen a version of the 3 Series, it’s the BMW 330e.

The 330e is a hybrid version of the popular saloon and so there are CO2 emissions of 31g/km (grams per kilometres) which means you will pay slightly higher company car tax on it, though not as much as you would with a purely petrol or diesel model. The exact amount will depend on any extras you add and your personal tax band.

The 3 Series is a fantastic executive saloon and this version brings an extra element to it with the hybrid engines providing you a little extra boost when you need it as well a fully electric range of around 37 miles.

The interior is comfortable and stylish with plenty of rooms for front and rear travellers, though the electric battery is stored in the rear of the vehicle so your available boot space is quite a bit smaller than the other 3 Series models.

3. Renault Zoe


In our third spot is another electric hatchback in the Renault Zoe.

Perhaps one of the most recognisable Renault models on the road the Zoe is a compact hatchback that offers you up to 245 miles with rapid charging capabilities on 50 kW chargers. And as it’s another electric vehicle you’ll benefit from low BIK rates at just 2% for the current tax year (2022/23).

There’s a reason that the Zoe has been in production for nearly a decade, and that’s because it’s a great car. Over the years there’s been regular updates to the interior, infotainment and other technology features and electric battery capacity.

In the current model you’ll see a touchscreen infotainment centre in the centre of the console that on higher spec levels includes a satnav system, digital instrument dial and USB connections for smartphone and device charging.

We think the Zoe is a great choice for drivers that want a smaller electric car that’s fun to drive but functional for everyday life.

4. Mercedes A250e


Our next pick is a Mercedes A Class model, the A250e.  It’s a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) which means it has lower CO2 emission and BIK rate than if you went for the purely petrol version.

A PHEV is a great choice if you want to move to a more environmentally conscious vehicle choice but aren’t really to make the jump to a full EV just yet. They allow you the chance to experience some of the lifestyle and driving changes needed, such as working out how and where you will charge the vehicle, without the pressure of not being able to use your car if you don’t. Additionally, you won’t have the range concerns that come with a pure EV as once you’ve depleted the battery the car will automatically switch to suing the combustion engine.

The A250e offers up to 45 miles electric range and for a lot of drivers that will cover nearly all of their daily need, and with a charge time of 2-3 hours it can easily be charged overnight.

Mercedes is a premium brand known for creating high-quality cars with a luxury finish and the A250e is no exception. There’s seamless smartphone integration, a 10.25 inch touchscreen infotainment centre, digital instrument panel and 64 ambient lighting settings to choose from.

We think the A250e is a great choice if you’re looking for your next hatchback and want the prestige of a Mercedes.

5. Skoda Enyaq


For our next pick we’ve opted for another EV. We’re choosing a lot of electric models because of the lower BIK amounts you’ll pay as well as the ever-expanding options available to choose from making it a more practical choice for more drivers.

Skoda is known for creating reliable models that have high safety ratings, a lot of practical features and functional body shapes and styles.  

The Enyaq is an electric SUV that offers a range of up to 331 miles and with rapid charging can go from 20 to 80% battery in under an hour for longer journeys.

There’s plenty of features that make driving easier and smoother like the LED exterior lights, safety systems like the lane assist, keyless entry and go and smartphone integration.  

6. Tesla Model 3


We couldn’t create a list of company cars without including a Tesla. Tesla was the first fully electric car manufacturer, though they have been joined by the likes of Polestar, and they remain the benchmark for luxury long-range EVs.

The Model 3 is an electric saloon that can travel 272 miles or if you opt for the long-range version a whopping 358 miles on a single charge. If you cover a lot of miles as part of your role then a Tesla is a great choice because of their long distance ranges.

Tesla also offers their drivers access to their network of rapid and ultra-rapid chargers across the UK and the Model 3 is the first Tesla to be compatible with other charging networks as well to get drivers moving as quickly as possible.

With the latest Model 3 you get a 5 star Euro NCAP rated vehicle, that has a sleek exterior, comfortable and uncluttered interior and a whole host of driver assistance systems.

7. Kia e-Niro


The second electric SUV that made it onto our list is the Kia e-Niro. Made popular by the Robert De Niro adverts the e-Niro is a great choice for drivers who want a larger EV.

Like the other electric models that made it onto the shortlist the BIK rate is low at just 2% for the current tax year so it’s a great option for drivers who want a bigger vehicle but don’t want the larger CO2 emissions and BIK rate that a petrol or diesel SUV come with.

It’s got a spacious boot, roomy rear passenger seats and an integrated touchscreen infotainment centre as well as a number of safety systems to make driving easier and safer than before.

There are currently two battery options available for you to choose from with the smaller 39 kWh giving you a range of 180 miles and the 64 kWh option achieving 282 miles.

If you’re not ready for a full EV just yet then you might want to consider the Niro hybrid model.

8. Fiat 500


The Fiat 500 is an iconic supermini that is ideal for drivers who are looking to prioritise low running costs and aren’t concerned about space.

While it’s not as large as other hatchbacks on our list this is a strong selling point, provided you’re not tall or planning on carrying multiple passengers frequently. The small size of the 500 means it’s easy to manoeuvre in built up areas, can park in small spaces and is lightweight and nimble.

If you’re considering the Fiat 500 then you might want to opt for the fully electric version as that comes with much lower costs, including a low BIK rate. The electric version can achieve up to 199 miles on a single charge and go from 20 to 80% charge in under 40 minutes.

9. Toyota Corolla


Our penultimate model is the Toyota Corolla.

Ever since the advent of the Prius Toyota have been a strong proponent of hybrid vehicles and so it’s little surprise that we chose one of their hybrids when looking for the best company car. It’s a petrol and electric hatchback that offers great BIK rates compared to those that just run an internal combustion engine.

Unlike the Mercedes A250e the Corolla is not a PHEV so does not require charging in order to use the electric component it is a smaller adjustment for drivers who are nervous about making the lifestyle changes needed to accommodate a plug in EV.

The Corolla has evolved over the past 50 years since it was first introduced in 1966 and the most recent edition on UK roads was specifically designed for the European market, with hybrid technology, a light and rigid chassis that makes it ideal for nimbly handling the winding roads here.

It’s a roomy and practical hatchback or estate (depending on the model you choose) that is the ideal choice for drivers looking for a mid-sized family car.

10. Suzuki Swift


The last model to make it onto our list is the Suzuki Swift.

It’s an efficient, practical and fun hatchback that has mild hybrid technology, which reduces the CO2 emissions, provides extra power at crucial moments and recapture energy that is usually lost with combustion engines.

There’s LED projector headlights, keyless entry and start and a number of safety features like blind spot monitoring, traffic sign recognition available depending on the spec you choose.

Drivers will also get the choice of a number of eye catching colours and you can be sure this fun choice will stand out in the car park.


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