• March 13, 2023

  • Abby Nuttall

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What is a Hybrid?

A hybrid is a car that has the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) as well as an electric motor and battery system and can switch between the two systems.

Why Choose a Hybrid?

There’s a lot of different reasons to choose a hybrid:

  • Reducing your environmental impact – including air pollution, noise pollution and fuel demand
  • Reducing your fuel costs – increasing fuel economy or reducing reliance on petrol or diesel
  • Lower company car tax – hybrids with a purely electric range have lower BIK rates than their petrol or diesel equivalents
  • Preparing for a full electric vehicle (EV) – as they use both systems hybrids are often seen as a stepping stone to EVs

For a more detailed breakdown on the benefits that hybrids have to offer make sure you take a look at this article.

Top Five Hybrid Cars

1. Toyota Corolla

toyota corolla hybrid 2023

Ever since they first introduced the Prius to the world Toyota has been at the forefront of EV development and bringing it to the mass market so it shouldn’t surprise you that they made it to our top hybrid selection. In the top spot we’ve put the Toyota Corolla.

It’s available as both a 1.8 or 2.0 litre petrol hybrid engine and it utilises Toyota’s self-charging technology which means you won’t need to plug it in to charge the electric system. Not needing charging means that the Corolla is a great choice for drivers who are unable to install a home charger or are concerned about how they will keep the electric system charged.

Currently available as a hatchback, estate and saloon the Corolla is a versatile car and there’s sure to be one that meets your needs.

2. BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 series hybrid 2023

The BMW 330e is the hybrid version of their best-selling saloon the 3 Series, which makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a hybrid version of one of the best saloons on the market.

It is a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) which means that to use the electric system you will need to charge the vehicle. However, as a PHEV doesn’t need to recharge itself it can have a larger battery for a longer mileage range. On the 330e you’ll get up to 37 miles powered solely by the electric system.

3. Lexus NX

lexus nx hybrid 2023

Our third pick is the Lexus NX!

Lexus is a premium car brand that is known for making luxury cars and the NX is no exception. It’s an SUV that offers a long electric range, for a hybrid, and industry leading levels of comfort with all of the premium touches that really make a journey enjoyable.

The NX offers the largest range on our list at 50 miles of pure electric range which for most drivers will be enough to cover the majority of their daily miles.

This is a great choice for drivers who want a premium car where the majority of their miles will be covered by the electric motor but a petrol / diesel engine for longer journeys.

4. Toyota Yaris

toyota yaris hybrid 2023

The Yaris is one of Toyota’s most popular models as a compact hatchback that offers drivers an affordable and practical car with great fuel economy. Which is why when the hybrid version became available we knew it would be a fantastic car – and we weren’t wrong.

There is only one engine option available which is a 1.5 litre petrol engine and just like the Corolla the Yaris uses Toyota’s self-charging technology to keep the electric system powered, so you won’t need to charge it, which makes it a great choice for drivers who have concerns about charging an EV.

5. Hyundai Tucson

hyundai tucson hybrid 2023

Our final pick is the Hyundai Tucson, a practical SUV that’s great for families and adventurers alike. The angular design means that the Tucson isn’t to everyone’s taste, but we think it’s stylish and stands out from the crowd.

It’s spacious enough that your rear passengers will have plenty of head and leg room, and you’ll still be able to fit plenty in the boot, even with the reduced space due to the battery.

The Tucson is a PHEV, so you’ll get 38 miles of electric range but you will need to regularly charge it to get the most out of your electric system.


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