• June 8, 2023

  • Abby Nuttall

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We’ve previously written about the best hatchbacks and SUVs on the market but we know that they don’t suit everybody’s needs. For drivers who want a spacious car with plenty of room for cargo but don’t want the height or weight of an SUV then an estate car is an excellent choice.

Estates are essentially a hatchback or saloon model with a longer wheelbase that gives you a larger boot and more spacious rear seats.

The Best Estate Cars of 2023

1. Volvo V60

volvo v60 for 2023 estates

Our first pick is the Volvo V60 – while it’s the most compact estate that the Swedish brand offers it feels just as roomy as the larger models and has more than enough space for everything and everyone to fit.

Volvo is a brand that’s been at the forefront of vehicle safety ever since they introduced the three-point seatbelt in 1959, and their cars remain some of the safest on the roads to this day. Not only do they have plenty of physical features for safety, but they also have innovative driver support systems that are designed for the safest driving experience possible. These safety systems include:

You can only get the Volvo V60 with petrol hybrid engines, but there are four to choose from with two having mild-hybrid technology and two as plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). Both PHEVs offer an electric-powered range of up to 54 miles, but the Recharge T8 is slightly more powerful and has a quicker 0-60 mph.

Boot space is at 519 litres with all of the seats in use and jumps up to 1,431 litres with the rear row down, which while not the largest on offer is more than enough for most drivers.

2. BMW 5 Series Touring

BMW 5 series touring for 2023 estates

Our next pick is the BMW 5 Series Touring, an estate version of their best-selling 5 Series hatchback.

BMW is a brand that is known for its premium car brands, and the 5 Series Touring is a luxury estate that offers drivers a comfortable and quiet drive from the design of its seats through to the self-levelling rear suspension and optional adaptive dampers that create a smooth drive.

There’s a range of petrol and diesel engines for you to choose from including a PHEV which has an official range of 35 electric-powered miles. The PHEV powertrain will not only offer great fuel consumption (with an average of 180 mpg + provided you keep it charged) but also will reduce your BIK rate if you’re taking it on as a company car.

In terms of boot space, you’ll get 560 litres with all the seats in use which expands to 1,700 litres when you have the rear seats folded down. One thing to note is that if you opt for the hybrid model it does reduce the boot space to 430 litres.

3. Skoda Octavia Estate

skoda octavia for 2023 estates

Skoda has risen in popularity in recent years by creating reliable models that pair plenty of functionality with a sense of fun and the Octavia Estate is a prime example of this. There’s generous interior space for your passengers and luggage, plenty of tech as standard and a fun driving experience.

In terms of cargo space there’s a boot capacity of 640 litres and then with the seats down this expands to 1,700.

You’ll get a range of engines to choose from, including petrol, diesel, mild-hybrid and a PHEV. The PHEV has an official range of up to 39 miles on a single charge. You should think about the kind of driving you do and the best fuel type for this. For example, drivers who cover a lot of miles will find diesel is probably the best option.

4. Citroen C5 X

citroen c5 x for 2023 estates

The Citroen C5 X is a car designed for comfort. It’s got Citroen’s Progressive Hydraulic Cushion suspension and Advance Comfort seats that are designed to provide maximum cushioning and comfort when driving even over the roughest of roads.

Like a lot of the models on this list there’s a PHEV option as well as two purely petrol engines. The PHEV offers you a range of 34 miles in electric powered range which is in line with the other estate models we’ve looked at.

Rear passengers will have a comfortable experience and get plenty of head, shoulder and leg room so it won’t be uncomfortable for adults who have to sit there.

You’ll get 540 litres of space in the boot of a petrol model and 485 litres in the hybrid. This rises to 1,640 and 1,580 respectively when you put the rear seats down.

5. Jaguar XF Sportbrake

jaguar xf sportbrake for 2023 estates

The final estate to make our list is the Jaguar XF Sportbrake. It’s essentially a slightly longer version of their popular executive model, the XF, and is perfect for drivers who really want a powerful and luxury estate car.

Recent updates have given it a refreshed interior with an upgraded 11.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system and plenty of modern touches.

Space-wise, you’ll get a 565 litre boot that swells to 1,700 litres with the rear seats down which means it’s not only a great-looking car but a practical one as well.


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