• July 10, 2024

  • Sara Davies

When it comes to receiving fines for speeding and other traffic offences it is worth knowing the process when you’re driving a company car. While we all hope it will never happen to us, none of us are infallible.

What Happens if You Get Caught Speeding in a Company Car?

Exactly what happens when a company car driver is caught speeding depends on whether they’re caught on camera or pulled over by the police.

If you’re pulled over, you’ll need to provide your details at the scene and report it to your employer. But if caught on speed camera, there will be a letter through the post to the ‘registered keeper’, which is usually the business. In the case of a lease car it’s the finance company or leasing company who receive the correspondence.

They will post the speeding ticket onto you so that you can pay it or they’ll pay the ticket for you and add the cost to your next monthly payment. You may also find that your finance or leasing company will charge an administration fee for this service.

What if it’s Unclear Who is Driving A Speeding Vehicle?

It’s the responsibility of the organisation to provide the name of the driver and a refusal to do so is considered an offence.

If the company is unable to name the driver for any reason, it must prove it has gone to reasonable lengths to attempt to identify them and satisfactorily justify the lack of records regarding the matter. Failure to provide adequate information carries a fine of £1000.

Your employer may deploy a modern telematics system, which can help identify drivers of vehicles, monitor driver behaviour and help improve safety. This can help businesses reduce costs and legal liability by gaining insight into the circumstances of company cars involved in a range of traffic-related incidents, including speeding.

Who is Responsible – Firm or Driver?

Ultimately, responsibility for speeding offences rest with the driver who has committed the offence. But when the car is driven for work purposes, the legal issues tend to be less straightforward.

When a vehicle is driven for work, it becomes a working environment and employers have a responsibility to keep employees safe while at work. Therefore the employer shares responsibility for ensuring that the vehicle is driven in a safe, roadworthy manner.

So although the employee is still ultimately at fault for speeding, the employer must take all reasonable steps to ensure drivers are able to use the road sensibly.

What is the Fine for Speeding in the UK?

If the driver is over the speed limit by a relatively small amount they will generally have to accept a minimum of three penalty points and pay a fine of £100. If drivers accumulate 12 or more penalty points over three years, they’re disqualified from driving.

 The fine itself is payable by the employee. But the points can have a knock-on effect. Any person who has 6 points on their licence can see their premiums rise which could affect the firm’s fleet insurance.

If you’re caught speeding, you may be asked to pay for and attend a speed awareness course.  While the cost varies it typically falls at around £100.

You can be disqualified from driving if you are convicted of a driving offence or get 12 or more penalty points within 3 years.

Driving Fine FAQs

Do I Have to Pay My Own Speeding Fines When Leasing a Vehicle?

Yes and your leasing company may also charge an additional administration fee if they’ve had to send the fine onto you.

I Have Paid a Speeding Fine, Do I Need to Notify Anyone?

You should inform your leasing company when you’ve paid your speeding fine. It’s wise to send them proof of payment to prevent any doubts arising, regarding the payment.

What Other Types of Tickets Can Result in Fines?

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

A PCN is usually delivered via a sticker on your windscreen or through the post from a local authority and is usually given to motorists who violate parking, waiting, and moving traffic offences.

Parking Charge Notice

A parking charge notice is issued by private companies in privately-owned car parks. These usually take the form of invoices through the post. requesting payment for breaking the conditions of their land.

How Many Points Will I Get for a Driving Offence?

The number of points you receive will depend on the offence. To find out more about driving penalties visit the government website here.

Do I Still Need to Pay My Lease if I Get Banned From Driving?

Yes you do. However, if your ban exceeds your lease agreement, you can usually terminate your lease early. However, when terminating a lease early, a percentage of the outstanding rentals plus any outstanding payments are still due to be paid. If you are driving a company car then this fee will be charged to your company, therefore, they will be the ones who have to authorise the early termination. 

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