Established in 2004, Wessex Fleet are one of the leading suppliers of minibus leasing in the UK. Whether your school, college or institution is adding a minibus to its fleet or upgrading an existing vehicle, we’re here to help.

Wessex are an approved supplier to:

  • NWUPC (North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium)
  • CPC (Crescent Purchasing Consortium)
  • SUPC (Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium)
  • NEUPC (North East Universities Purchasing Consortium)
  • APUC (Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges)
  • HEPCW (Higher Education Purchasing Consortium Wales)
  • LUPC (London Universities Purchasing Consortium) Framework Agreements for Vehicle Hire and Leasing

To find out more about us helping your school, college, or university download our PDF here.


Many vehicles we supply are provided to HE institutions under VEH3085 Lot 3. Each year we provide hundreds of vehicles to member organisations across the UK. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask - chances are we’ve been asked the same question recently! We’ve worked with some of the consortiums since 2010.

Choose to purchase through us and we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest rules and regulations. We’ll ensure your business is fully compliant and we’ll make vehicle purchase, supply and management as straightforward as possible. We can offer all sorts of options and ideas, from nine-seater and all-electric minibuses to lightweight vehicles such as the Minibus Lite.



Wessex Fleet can supply a Minibus Lite from just £650 per month. Ask us for details.

The Minibus Lite has 17 seats, space for one wheelchair passenger, a wheelchair ramp, handrails, and an automatic sidestep. It has a six-speed manual gearbox and a 2.2 litre TDCi Eco Blue (140ps) Euro 6 compliant engine that achieves an average of 34.3mpg on a combined cycle. Its weight is 4,250kgs and there’s a spare payload of 352kgs, so masses of capacity.

It comes with all the added extras you’d expect and is the bus of choice for hundreds of organisations. 

To find out more, please contact our dedicated minibus and commercial vehicle team on 01722 548193 or via

Minibus Requirements: The Rules and Regulations

You’ll need to comply with some specific requirements: some legal, others simply best practice; some relating to the vehicle, others specific to the driver. We can help you put all the necessary procedures in place.

Lightweight minibuses can be driven on a standard licence with a Section 19 permit. So, opt for the Minibus Lite and you’ll have much more flexibility about which team members can drive. But choose a standard minibus and drivers who passed their test after 1 January 1997 will need to apply for a minibus licence to get behind the wheel.


Best Practice Processes: Safety First

Whatever option you decide upon, there are best practice procedures you’ll want to follow to make sure your minibus drivers are competent, and your passengers are safe.

We can help by:

  • offering a range of finance options on any type of minibus;
  • ensuring drivers have valid licences;
  • arranging regular vehicle inspections;
  • carrying out routine servicing and maintenance work;
  • putting procedures in place for drivers to log vehicle condition;
  • tracking vehicles and monitoring use; and
  • providing access to our telematics package and bespoke reporting.

We have a range of resources giving safety advice, please see our guide pagess.

Our expertise means we have all your fleet needs covered. We can provide everything from small cars and grounds vehicles to vans and minibuses – so you only have to work with one fleet supplier. As with all the vehicles we provide, we can offer a full management service for your minibus fleet. 


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