What is Accident Management?

Accident management is the term used to describe a company or service that offers an end-to-end approach to getting drivers back on the road and handles all of the associated claims processes.

Why Do you Need Accident Management?

The chances of accidents happening are increased when your fleet has multiple vehicles all out on the roads at the same time. Our fleet accident management programme ensures there is a process in place for every stage of an accident, from addressing the safety of your drivers at the point of the accident through to minimising the associated time and cost of the ensuing repairs, vehicle downtime and associated paperwork.

Top Five Accident Management Business Benefits 

1. Reduces Time Spent on Accidents

Our fleet accident management solution is designed to ensure your fleet vehicles are working for your business at all times. Through our partnership with leading incident management provider FMG, Wessex Fleet customers gain access to over three decades of expertise in streamlining the end- to-end incident lifecycle, removing delay and controlling costs at every stage. The result is a simple, seamless, fast and efficient accident management service which allows you and your employees to focus on your business and not the accident.

2. Increases Safety of Driver and Vehicle

The safety of your driver and vehicle following an accident is paramount. Our main priority after an accident is to ensure that your driver gets home from the scene of the accident safely, your vehicle is recovered promptly and that you and your drivers have access to vehicle and driver support and information, around the clock.


3. Lowers Vehicle and Driver Downtime

Our fleet accident management service provides end-to-end accident management from initial reporting to vehicle recovery and replacement vehicle provision. Repair management takes place through FMG’s bespoke platform designed to meet the specific requirements of individual fleet customers within a time critical delivery. Drivers are kept mobile throughout with a suitable replacement vehicle.

4. Ensures Consistent Quality Repairs

Our accident management programme provides you with the assurance that all your vehicles are being repaired to the same the high quality BS10125 standards in a time critical manner. Options include one-day SMART and mobile repair at the driver’s location, midi repairs through express repair pod solutions and traditional bodyshop repair. EV and Tesla approved UK workshop repairs are also offered. Our goal is always to keep vehicle off road (VOR) time and repair as well as replacement vehicle costs to an absolute minimum.


5. Manages Cost Through Independent Engineers

In-house independent automotive engineers assess your vehicle’s damage, ratify the repairer’s estimates and keep a close eye on repair progress on your behalf, so you can be sure that the correct repairs are completed to a high-quality standard at the right price. They operate with delegated repair authority from major UK insurers to further reduce delay from the repair process.

Why Choose Wessex Fleet Accident Management?

By partnering with the UK’s leading provider of fully outsourced fleet incident management services (FMG), we’re able to reduce the total cost of fleet incidents whilst delivering an unrivalled customer experience.

When incidents occur, every single aspect is managed on behalf of our customers, from first notification of loss to rental, vehicle recovery and legal services - keeping drivers mobile throughout. Our clients get access to expert teams using bespoke technology and ISO-certified systems to ensure speed and accuracy throughout the incident management process.

What’s Included in Your Accident Management Package?

  • 24/7 Breakdown and Accident Assistance
  • Roadside Recovery
  • National Network of Repair Centres
  • Rental or Courtesy Car Provision
  • Liaison with Insurance Companies
  • Repair Cost Management
  • Glass and Tyre Replacement

Accident Management FAQs

What Should My Drivers Do if They Crash a Company Vehicle?

If they are involved in an accident while in a vehicle managed by Wessex Fleet and your business uses our accident management service then once they have reached a safe location and sought any medical assistance required, they can call the 24/7 accident line.

Will Wessex Fleet and FMG Take Care of the Whole Process?

Yes, if you have opted to use our accident management service, we will take care of everything, from dealing with your insurance provider to sourcing and managing time critical, top quality repairs.

Who Pays if a Driver Crashes One of Our Company Cars?

This depends on your insurance policy for accidents. There may be a clause that allows you to use your discretion on whether or not to pass some or all of the cost onto the employee depending on the circumstances of the accident.

Am I Guaranteed Quality Repairs to Vehicles?

Yes, by using our accident management service you can guarantee that any time one of your fleet is involved in an accident it will be assessed by one of FMG’s own in-house automotive engineers to ratify the repairer’s estimates and then keep a close eye on the repair process to ensure the correct repairs are completed to a high quality BS10125 standard.

How Quickly Will a Vehicle Be Back on the Road?

How fast your vehicle is repaired depends on the nature of the accident and damage sustained. However, bespoke technology and ISO-certified systems ensure speed and accuracy, removing delay at every opportunity.


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