Any vehicle that the company owns is an asset for the business and just like with other assets steps should be taken to ensure it is kept safe. Even if you have funded the vehicle through another method, such as leasing, then you should take steps to ensure it’s kept safe to avoid additional cost through lost vehicles or vehicle damage.

This guide will have some tips on how you and your drivers can help keep your company cars as safe as possible.

Carpark Security

Vehicles are the most vulnerable to theft when they are unoccupied, which they will be for a large chunk of the day when they are parked on office properties or at night when not needed for drivers’ working roles.

If you have a carpark that your staff use to keep their vehicles at any time then we advise keeping this secure. This will not always mean a security barrier or guard, but we advise that you ensure any parking you provide is well lit for your drivers and vehicle safety.


One way that you can help ensure your vehicle is kept safe is through the use of telematic devices such as GPS tracking and alarm systems.

Most are small, reusable devices that can be transferred between vehicles as the fleet is updated and will help you track and locate the device if it is stolen or even just if it is lost in a car park.

These not only allow you to locate the vehicle if it is stolen but can also be used to pull reports on the driving patterns and where the vehicle is left parked for extended times and any safety concerns that this might flag up.


Having regular servicing and maintenance on the vehicle as well as completing any necessary repairs as quickly as possible will keep the vehicle in as safe a running condition as possible. This reduces the risk of any further damage which could potentially cause an accident and ensures your drivers have the best possible vehicle to operate.

We also advise ensuring the driver assigned to the vehicle is aware of the small checks and top ups they might be required to do, for example ensuring there is screen wash so they can safely clear the windscreen.


Driver Responsibilities

As the vehicle spends most of its time with the driver they will have a responsibility to keep the vehicle safe, especially when leaving it unattended.

Wessex Fleet’s Top Five Safety Tips

Here’s our top five tips to advise your drivers to follow to help keep their company car safe.

1. Lock the vehicle

2. Remove any valuables

3. Park in well lit and populated areas where possible

4. Utilise alarms and tracking systems if your business provides them

5. Use other safety devices if deemed necessary


They will also be responsible for driving the vehicle safely to avoid any accidents whilst on the road. We think it’s important that as a business you ensure your drivers are aware of best driving practices and receive additional training and support if needed.

Find out more about driver training and how Wessex Fleet can help you with this here

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