Let us introduce you to Danielle Flint!

Danielle has been working at Car Lease Special Offers for two years, first as a fleet administrator and now as a customer service adviser.

She's only recently moved teams but the skills she had as a fleet administrator are useful for her as a customer service advisor, and she has the added benefit of understanding a lot of the systems customer services use. Danielle is part of the team that will get your finance documents issued and sent across to you, get regular updates from the dealership and arrange delivery when the time comes. 

The variety is part of the reason that Danielle enjoys her job so much as it helps keep things interesting. She gets on with all of her colleagues and enjoys the rapport they have between themselves as well as with our three directors.

What Danielle’s colleagues say about her:

“Always smiling and a valued member of the Customer Services Team.”

Danielle was a little older than some of us at Wessex Fleet when she passed her test at 26 years old, after taking a couple of tests with different instructors.

Her first car was a pale green Rover 25 which she loved driving until it was written off after another driver went into the back of it.

Although she loved her Rover 25 Danielle did say that as it was quite old it didn’t have a lot of the features we expect in modern cars, which is why she loves her current car – a white SEAT Ibiza with all the latest tech. As well as the modern features, Danielle loves the colour and says it’s the perfect size for her and her family and can handle all her shopping as well.

Danielle’s favourite car would be a Porsche, and her dream car would be one in an ochre colour because she thinks that it would look gorgeous. She’ll take one in white or red as well though if you offered.

When she’s driving she likes to listen to dance tunes and Dua Lipa but will listen to whatever chart songs are playing on the radio. Like all of us, come November Danielle also loves a Christmas song! 🎅


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