Say hi to Debbie Lamb! 👋

Debbie recently joined the team as our Corporate Marketing Specialist, a new role within the company, in November 2021.

She’s been working to increase our presence in all your social media feeds so it’s her you need to thank if you’re spotting us more! She also helps with other aspects of our marketing including creating bespoke content for corporate customers.

Her favourite part about working for Wessex Fleet at the minute is the colleagues she’s working alongside, in the Marketing Department and Car Lease Special Offers as a whole.

Debbie started driving at 20 years old and passed her driving test on her first attempt.  Once she passed, she was driving around in her Austin Allegro which she said was a ghastly orange colour.

These days she’s in a much nicer grey-blue coloured Honda CR-V which is perfect for her as she can fit the entire family, kids and dogs included, and the four-wheel-drive easily handles the country lanes. Her two previous cars, a Ford Focus and a BMW were unable to handle the winding country lanes and poor English winter weather and skidded into a stream and drowned in a flood respectively.

Although she loves her current vehicle, for her favourite car Debbie’s picked her husband’s BMW 5 Series for its heated seats that keep her warm during the colder months. 

For her dream car though Debbie chose the Lincoln Navigator, an icon that has an air of toughness Debbie enjoys.

After missing a plane Debbie once drove through the night from Inverness to her son’s university in London, in order to get him back in time at 7 am and then she went on to Gatwick to retrieve her own car and home for a well-deserved nap!

She’s not usually on such hectic journeys and you can usually find Debbie enjoying her drive and listening to Edge of 17 by Stevie Nicks or We Are Family by Sister Sledge.

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