Say hi to Melanie Jones! 👋

Melanie’s been working at Wessex Fleet in our Customer Services Team for over eight years so has a wealth of knowledge that lets her help you through the leasing process as quickly and easily as possible.

As part of the Customer Services Team Melanie will help generate your finance documents, get them approved by the funder, arrange delivery of your new lease and collection of your current lease vehicle as well as answering any questions you might have during and beyond the lease.  

Melanie thinks that Wessex Fleet is a lovely company to work for, which is why she’s stayed as long as she has, and all the staff are friendly and helpful to each other and customers alike.

What Melanie's colleagues say about her:

"Our northern light Melanie has been brightening up our days for seven years now. Her work ethic is as large as the Angel of the North!"

Melanie learnt to drive later in life than most of us and passed her test at 37. However, she managed to go from her first lesson to fully licenced driver in just four months making her one of the quickest to do so at Car Lease Special Offers.

As she’s only recently started driving Melanie’s still driving her first car which is a sky blue Vauxhall Corsa. Melanie thinks it’s a great car for her and her family, but if she could change one thing about it, it would be to make it go a little faster.

Melanie’s favourite car is currently a grey Mercedes A Class but if she could have any car she wanted she’d choose a black Bugatti.

When driving Melanie lies to listen to dance music.


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