• May 3, 2023

  • Abby Nuttall

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If you have any vehicles in the company, even driver’s personal vehicles that are used for business journeys, then you will have an element of fleet management. As your fleet grows so will your fleet management needs and you may be looking at how to reduce the workload for your internal fleet manager. One way to do this is to outsource fleet management.

A fleet management company is a great resource for businesses, and there are many benefits that using one brings! We’ll explore five of the best reasons to outsource your fleet management in this article.

One thing to note is that when you outsource fleet management, you will likely still need an internal point of contact, to help set up drivers, ensure that the fleet policy is aligned with the general business direction and liaise with the fleet management company.

Five Benefits of Using a Fleet Management Service

1. Reduce Fleet Costs

One of the biggest impacts of using an external fleet management company is that it can save your company money. Although there is a cost to using an external company, this is often balanced by the cost saving they bring, across multiple fronts. Fleet management companies can help save you money on vehicle sourcing, vehicle maintenance, associated vehicle costs and by freeing up internal resources for other purposes that can reduce the need to pay for additional employees.  

Here at Wessex Fleet, we tailor our fleet management to the individual company so you are only paying for the services that you actually need and use. For more information on our bespoke fleet management or to arrange a consultation please contact us on 01722 322 888.

2. Reduce Internal Fleet Management Workloads

We mentioned it briefly in terms of saving money but another great benefit of using an external fleet manager is that it reduces the work for your employees giving them more time for other aspects of their role.

Reducing the workload can also help to reduce the pressure on your employees, improving their working environment and making them happier and more productive in the workplace.

3. Specialist Information and Understanding

Here at Wessex Fleet, we have nearly 20 years in the industry and with that comes a wealth of knowledge about every aspect of fleet management. We know what works, and what doesn’t, what your company needs to do to remain compliant and any updates to this as regulations change, and have a number of different strategies that we can use to help you create and maintain a safe fleet that works for your business.

Using our services, or that of another fleet management company, gives your business access to specialist fleet management knowledge and the skills that are needed to use it successfully for your fleet.

4. Ensured Compliance

An essential part of fleet management is ensuring compliance with employment, safety, vehicle and driving rules and legislation and keeping up to date with any changes to these laws. This can be difficult to manage for an internal fleet manager, especially if compliance is only a part of their role and they are also managing other aspects of the fleet.

Using a fleet management company can help you by making sure your employees and drivers are aware of the regulations that apply to them, that vehicles are kept in line with the necessary standards and any changes are actioned promptly and safely.

5. One Central Contact Point for Drivers

A benefit of using an external fleet management company, like Wessex Fleet is that there’s one company for all of your fleet needs. Whether it’s a breakdown, needing to arrange a service, discussing the salary sacrifice scheme or arranging a congestion charge exemption a fleet management company can be one point of contact for all of these needs and much more.

Having a dedicated contact point can make it a lot easier for drivers to manage their side of vehicle management, and help reduce the stress in difficult situations like a breakdown or accident. At Wessex Fleet, our departments all work together to make sure that your team is speaking to the right person and that any issues are resolved as hassle-free as possible for your team.


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