• July 22, 2022

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Managing a fleet of vehicles involves managing all kinds of queries and problems that might arise and making sure every aspect of the vehicle is in a legal roadworthy condition.  One thing you might not consider is number plates – so we’ve put together this article that covers everything you need to know about replacement number plates.

Reasons Why You Might Need a New Number Plate

There are a few reasons that you might need to get a new number plate for one of your vehicles.

One of the main reasons is if the existing plate is damaged or lost. In the UK it is illegal to drive without a number plate or with one so damaged or dirty it is unreadable and so if one of your number plates is damaged or missing you’ll need to get it replaced quickly.

Another reason you might need to get a new number plate is because your rear plate is being blocked by something you are towing or a bike rack or something similar. When the number plate is blocked like this you’ll need to get an extra one that can then be put onto the trailer or rack so that it is still visible to those behind you.

The third reason that you might want to get a new plate made is if you have purchased a personalised registration (LINK DOWN) and want to change the registration number associated with a particular vehicle in your fleet.

How to Get New Plates

Number plates can only be made by an approved and registered plate supplier. The government has a list of approved suppliers here to make it easier to find a local supplier.

When having a new number plate made there are two documents that will need to be provided. These are asked for to ensure that you have the legal right for new plates to be made.

The first document will be a proof of identity one and will need to show the full name and address of the person obtaining the plate. If it is for a business-owned vehicle rather than for a private car then they may also need to prove a relationship to the business.

The second document that’s needed is proof of entitlement and this will prove the person requesting the additional plate is authorised to have it made. This will usually be the V5C, or for a personalised plate the cherished transfer retention certificate.

How to Get a New Number Plate for a Leased Vehicle

If you need a new or extra plate for a leased vehicle then there’s a little more work that you’ll need to do. As they own the vehicle the lease funder will keep the V5C so you will need to request a copy from them. They will not give you a full copy as this could be used to sell the vehicle unlawfully but will instead give you a copy with some of the details redacted.

Along with the copy of the V5C you will need to get a letter of authority from the funder that states you are able to get the number plate made. Most funders will need details on why the new plate is needed before they will issue approval.

One thing we want to make you aware of is that there may be a fee for the admin associated with the work needed to get these two documents for you. The funder should advise you of any fee when you request documentation.

If your fleet is managed by the Wessex Fleet team, then we will let you know of any associated fees.

Private Number Plates on Lease Vehicles

We’ve mentioned private number plates a couple of times as there are some circumstances in which the business, or a driver, might want to have a personalised registration on a vehicle. When you first by the registration you will then need to have number plates made for this.

One thing to keep in mind if you are considering adding a cherished plate to a leased vehicle is that when it approaches the end of the agreement you’ll need to put the plate on retention and arrange for the original registration to be returned to the vehicle. If you do not do this then the vehicle will be returned to the funder with the personalised registration and you will no longer have ownership of it.


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